Allevamento Border collie

Having a border collie kennel is a dream come true, this fantastic breed has kidnapped our hearts, and has created a real passion in us. We have decided to carry out a selection, which seeks the characteristics and skills of herding dogs. We carefully choose the bloodlines, we search all over Europe, and today we can say ALLEVAMENTO BORDER COLLIE with a capital “A”. You can discover and share what we try to bring forward in our selection.

Border Collie breeding

Border collie breeding? How do we raise our border collies? We breed puppies mainly for us, to bring our puppies forward in competitions. Our breeding follows guidelines that aim to always do our best. Our selections obviously try to satisfy high standards of border collie selection.

All the information is present on the site and is as detailed as possible, both on our dogs and on the dogs we use for litters. For any other information we are always available.

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How do we do it

Border collie - Health - A dog for life

This is certainly the most important feature, we always try to use dogs that have certain requirements, among which health is fundamental. We pay close attention to this to avoid having dogs with health problems. All health documents will always be visible on the site.

Border collie kennel - Bloodlines - Highly selected

Questa è una caratteristica particolare, diciamo che la linea di sangue non garantisce il risultato sperato, però con lo studio della linea, e vedendo i cuccioli che sono nati da altri allevamenti, si possono delineare quelle che sono le caratteristiche di quella linea di sangue.

Border collie breeding - Attitude to work - Passion and work

Obviously this is a trait that we are looking for, and that we hope all our puppies possess, trying to find dogs that have the qualities we want in our dogs. Obviously, depending on the litter, we select well-defined characteristics.

Border collie breeding - Price - The more you spend ... the less you spend

The price is the fourth characteristic that is certainly important, but, as we always say, it is marginal. Having a dog selected for attitude and health, you spend a lot of money, you know … but it’s all money that you save at a later time avoiding the dog’s health problems and personal sorrow in seeing him suffer.


Mama Sheepdog border collie breeding, all our litters are sold with pedigree ENCI and also with the pedigree ISDS.

You can find our litters just born or planned  cliccando qui or get information about our events by clicking on news for any other information do not hesitate to contact us from our contact page Contact us


The first to arrive, the better to stay … This is our policy, we try to have our puppies chosen equally. Choosing a puppy is really an important thing, the puppy you choose will be part of your life for many years, and the moment of decision is crucial. Whoever books a puppy first will choose the first puppy of the litter, whoever books second will have the choice of the second and so on .. For us it is very important that the choice is always a moment of equity. A BIG PARTY!!!